Dear farmers

We proudly presents Agrimax corn hybrids that will certainly gain your trust with their quality, safe and high yield.
Only high genetic potential of Agrimax’s top quality hybrid seed can be transformed into your joy and satisfaction by earning you more profit. Seed processing is done in the best process facilities in Serbia and prod uction itself is done on a fertile irrigated soil of one of the best seed producers RD. Sava Kovacevic from Vrbas.
Company’s goal to significantly increase market share in the seed market worldwide can only be achieved if you are completely satisfied with Agrimaxs hybrids quality. To ensure your satisfaction, Agrimax has no compromise policy. Every seed unit that carries an Agrimax sign must fulfill high quality standards, yours as well as ours. Every seed unit of our corn is treated with polymer, fungicide and insecticide. Since we are never satisfied with the results already achieved, for the upcoming years we are preparing a new generation of hybrids to follow up with even better results. The hybrids that we present are made in Serbia and they will, of course, proudly carry our slogan “POWER OF HYBRIDS. Only professionalism and knowledge can produce high quality seed. For that purpose Agrimax company gathered top experts in breeding, production and seed processing to help us achieve this goal. We strongly believe that Agrimax hybrids will very soon take place in your fields and will never be replaced.